Visit visas are refused for a variety of reasons, often when it isn’t believed that an Applicant plans to leave the UK at the end of their visit or where the necessary financial support doesn’t seem to be available. There is generally no right to appeal against a refused visa application, making it all the more important to put in a strong application in the first place. We can advise on the requirements of the immigration rules and on the best evidence to submit in support of an application. Jenny can check over draft applications and supporting documents and can write her own letter of support where it would be helpful.

Not everyone planning to visit the UK will need a visa but it is still important to understand what is expected of a visitor and that whilst some activities are permitted during a visit there are others that are not. This is often very important in the context of business-related activities, some of which may better be done using a different immigration route.

Since the end of 2020, EU nationals have increasingly faced difficulties when arriving in the UK as visitors and some have been turned away and even detained.

It is very important that they understand what a visitor is permitted to do, the sorts of questions they might be asked upon arrival, and the importance of showing an intention to leave again at the end of their visit. We can advise on these points and if necessary prepare a letter for a visitor to present upon arrival to immigration, explaining why they should be permitted to enter without difficulty.