How much will it cost?

JHI is a specialist immigration firm owned by Jenny Harvey, a well-known and very experienced solicitor who has specialised in immigration advice for over 25 years. Our costs reflect her expertise and the fact that, unlike many competitors, she only advises on immigration so she really can call herself a “specialist.”

Our hourly rate is £325 for individuals.

We sometimes charge (by agreement) the higher hourly rate of £340 when work will be done at weekends or in the evenings or when it is particularly complex or urgent.

Businesses including innovator founders will be charged at £340 per hour.

Sometimes we will charge a lower hourly rate, where it is considered that there are compassionate circumstances. This is entirely at our discretion.

When possible a fixed fee will be offered. It may not be possible to stick to the fixed fee if a case becomes more complicated than anticipated, or if there are unusual delays.

We will generally charge an additional £325 per dependent on top of a fixed fee when the main applicant has a dependent or dependents to be joined to the application.

VAT will be charged at 20%  on our fees for clients who live in the UK.

You may need to pay “disbursements” (costs which we pay on your behalf ). These could include the fees of translators and interpreters, the cost of obtaining medical reports or Home Office fees. They could also include our travel costs if we visit you at home or in prison or if we attend an appeal or a conference with you. We will let you know in advance if any disbursements will be required, and how much they will be. Some of them will have VAT added to them at the rate of 20% and again we will tell you about this in advance.

There may be additional costs which you will pay direct. These could include Home Office fees, visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge. These will differ according to your application and how long you wish to remain in the UK and we will advise you of how much they will be in advance.

It is not possible to deal specifically below with every aspect of immigration advice or every type of immigration application but we have tried to provide specific information about the main advice offered and can of course provide a costs estimate and possible fixed fee offer for advice not specifically mentioned below.

Please click on the links below for information about how much your case is likely to cost.

Applying to extend leave/vary leave from inside the UK

Applying for indefinite leave to remain

Applying for naturalisation or registration as a British National

Applying for pre-settled status or settled status

Applying for a visit visa from outside the UK

Applying for a partner or child visa from outside the UK

Applying for a visa as a skilled worker

Applying for a visa as an Innovator Founder

Applying for a student visa

Applying for a visa as a High Potential Individual

Applying for a visa as the dependent of someone with a Points-Based Visa

Applying for an ancestral visa from outside the UK

Applying for an EUSS family permit

Applying under the Youth Mobility Scheme