Taking over from the previous “ Innovator” route, the “ Innovator Founder” route enables a successful applicant to set up a new and “ innovative” business in the UK. Unlike with the now abolished “ Start Up” route, an applicant does not need to show a particular amount of money to be invested in the business but must obtain endorsement for the business idea from one of just a few endorsing bodies. The business idea must be regarded as “ viable” and “scalable” with the potential for job creation and growth in to national and international markets. Applicants must be competent in the English language to at least Level B2 CEFR and have sufficient funds to support themselves.

A successful applicant can remain in the UK for up to three years and can make unlimited applications to extend their permission . They may be able to settle after the three years though the eligibility criteria for settlement are stringent.

A successful applicant can bring their dependents to the UK and can work outside of the business as long as the additional work is regarded as “ skilled”, a valuable permission for many entrepreneurs in the early stages of establishing their business.

It may be possible to switch in to this route whilst inside the UK, depending on current status.

We can advise on the detail of the Immigration Rules and assist with visa applications and applications to extend permission to remain in the UK.