The child of a British or settled parent

The child of a British or settled parent is not guaranteed a visa to join that parent in the UK. Usually a child can only join both parents or a parent with “sole responsibility” and it is vital that Applicants and their parent/s understand what this means and what information and documents to use.

Jenny can advise Applicants and their parent/s on the detail of the immigration rules and on the likely success or otherwise of an application. She will advise on the procedures to use when making an application and can check draft applications and supporting documents before they are submitted. Often a cover letter from JHI, emphasising important points and explaining any complexities, will be useful.

Once a visa has been granted Jenny  can advise a child and the parent/s on the next steps needed to ensure that they will be able to extend their leave when the time comes and on any pitfalls to watch out for in the future.