Students & Child Students

Not everyone coming to study in the UK will require a visa but most students we advise will need to be sponsored by a school, college or university.

The Immigration Rules are very strict on who can be sponsored as a student and what being sponsored means.

We can:

  • Advise Applicants and their parents on the requirements for obtaining a student or child student visa and the likely costs
  • Advise on how to apply for a student visa and can check a draft application and supporting documents as well as writing her own letter of support for a visa application
  • Explain what it means to be a sponsored student and what a student can and can not do including advice on who can work in the UK whilst studying here
  • Advise on what steps must be taken to extend a student’s leave, following arrival in the UK
  • Advise on possible options for remaining in the UK, or returning here, upon completion of studies including the Graduate Visa route.

Parents of young children may wish to come and live in the UK in order to look after them whilst they study. We can advise on how to apply for a visa as the parent of a sponsored child and can check a draft application prior to its submission.