This exciting new route, introduced on 30th May 2022, enables eligible recent and relatively recent graduates to enter the UK for two years (three if they have a Ph.D.) and to look for work, take up employment, or become self-employed.

Unlike with the Graduate Visa Route, applicants do not need to have graduated from a UK education provider though they must have graduated within the last five years and from an eligible overseas university. The lists of eligible universities depend on the month and year of graduation.

Very different from applications under the Skilled Worker Route, applicants do not need to be sponsored by an employer and are not limited to taking up skilled work. They do not need a job before they apply for a visa nor before they arrive in the UK. They will generally need to show that they have funds of at least £1270.

This route does not lead to settlement so is not a long-term solution for those wishing to come and live here on a permanent basis but, once here, applicants can switch to another longer-term category including the skilled worker route.

Applicants will need to be competent in English at level B1 CEFR and can be joined by eligible partners and dependent children.

We can advise on the detail of this new route and can assist with the preparation of and submission of visa applications and subsequent applications to switch status in-country.