Applications for EEA nationals and their dependents

Brexit has caused a lot of confusion and anxiety but many EEA nationals and their dependents will by now have applied for pre-settled status or settled status under what is referred to as the “ EU Settlement Scheme.” Many will already have obtained British Citizenship.

The deadline for applying for pre-settled status was for most people the end of June 2021 . This applied to children as well as adults and to the holders of permanent residence cards which are no longer valid. Late applications can still be made if there were “reasonable grounds” for missing the deadline and Home Office guidance includes examples of some circumstances which might be accepted as “reasonable grounds”.  These include where a parent or local authority has failed to apply for a child, where an Applicant has a serious medical condition and where someone is isolated, vulnerable or lacking in digital skills.

It is free of charge to make an application. Most applications can be made online or by using an App though some, such as those made under “Surinder Singh”, must be made on a special form.

JHI can explain how the settlement scheme works, what it means to be granted pre-settled status or settled status, and how such status can be lost. We can help with applications and advise on future applications that can possibly be made, perhaps for British Citizenship.

Please keep an eye on this section of our website as we will continue to update it as the implications of Brexit unfold, and please contact us if you would like assistance with an application.