Applications for EEA nationals and their dependents

Brexit has caused a lot of confusion and anxiety.

So far there has been no change to  the rights of EEA nationals and their dependents to live and work in the UK but a new, post-Brexit system of confirming their right to live here has already been introduced. This is called the “ Settlement Scheme.”

Depending on how long someone has lived in the UK, they may be eligible for “pre-settled status or for “ settled status.” Usually you must have lived in the UK for 5 years to be eligible for settled status.

JHI can explain how the scheme works, what it means to be granted status and how it can be lost.

We can help with applications and advise on future applications that can possibly be made , perhaps for British citizenship.

In some situations it is still necessary or sensible to make an application under the current European Regulations rather than under the new “ Settlement Scheme.” This may be the case where an EEA national has lived in the UK for many years and wants to apply to become British without waiting for a year after being granted settlement ( which is the usual rule.) It may in this situation make sense to apply for confirmation of permanent residence and JHI can advise you on the different possible applications and on the sensible option for you.

The rights of non- EEA national dependents are linked to the status of the EEA national and can be lost if a relationship ends. JHI can advise on when a family member has “ retained the right” to live in the UK and if divorce is being considered it is very important to take immigration legal advice before going ahead!

Most of the new “ Settlement Scheme” applications are made on line but some , such as Surinder Singh applications and” Zambrano “ applications must be made on a special form . We can advise you on the information needed and can complete and submit the applications on your behalf.

As the implications of Brexit start to have more impact it will be sensible to take advice on what you need to do and the deadlines in which to do it. Please keep an eye on the news section of our website and contact us if you need clarification or assistance with an application.