This much-welcomed route enables recent eligible graduates from a UK education provider to remain in the UK for a further two years (or three years if they have completed a PhD). During this time they can look for work, take up employment and enter self-employment. Work does not need to be sponsored so this additional permission to remain can provide a flexible breathing space for recent graduates whilst they consider other more long-term options for remaining in the UK.  Permission to stay cannot be extended beyond the two (or three) years granted but applicants can switch to other routes such as the skilled worker route.

Applicants must be in the UK and must have successfully completed their course though they don’t need to have graduated or been presented with a certificate.

Dependent partners and children who are already in the UK as dependents on an applicant’s student visa can apply to stay with them though they must each submit their own applications.

We can advise on the details of this route, prepare and submit applications and assist with later applications to switch to another route including the skilled worker route.