The hourly rate will be £350 unless by agreement it is £365 if, for example, work will be done at weekends or in the evenings or if an application is particularly complex or urgent.

On average it takes between 4 to 6 hours to help with a High Potential Individual Visa application being made from outside the UK. The exact number of hours will depend on the circumstances including an Applicant’s personal circumstances and immigration history.

The cost is likely to be between £1400 and £2100 though a fixed fee of £1400 will be offered when it is considered appropriate. This will include the services set out below and will be offered when it seems that there will be no unusual complications or delays of over 6 months from the time of us being asked to assist. If it becomes clear that the work cannot be finished within a fixed fee we will let you know as soon as it becomes clear and will let you know in advance that we plan to charge for additional work at the usual hourly rate.

What is likely to be included when assisting with a High Potential Individual Visa Application?

Initial discussion about your situation, what you hope to apply for, and what we think are the merits of an application. This is likely to be over zoom but can if possible be in person.

Follow-up advice in writing on the information and documents you will need to apply for a visa, and the procedure of making an application.

Checking your draft application and giving you feedback.

Checking your support documents.

Preparation of a letter in support of the application.

Advice on the outcome of an application and on the things to think about in the future.

What will not generally be included?

Submission of the application which will be done from outside the UK.

Uploading support documents.

What additional costs will you need to pay?

You will need to pay the visa application fee of £822 and the Immigration Health Charge of £1248 to cover 2 years of living in the UK plus the costs of attending a biometric appointment ( varies). You will need to pay the fee for an organisation known as Ecctis to verify your degree as being eligible under this route. You may also need to pay the cost of taking an English language test or a TB test.

You will be advised in advance of any disbursements (payments which we make on your behalf) that are likely to be needed.

How long will we take to help with your application?

We can normally complete the above listed services within a month of being asked to help but it of course depends on how quickly you provide us with requested information, how long it takes for you to reply to feedback and so on.