From 5th October 2020 the Tier 4 ( General) and Tier 4 (Child) student routes will be replaced by a new Student and Child Student route. No new applications can be made under the existing routes after this date.

This route will apply to EEA national students from January 2021 but not until then.

There seem to be quite a few positive changes in the new route.

 Evidence of maintenance will not be required for student applicants who have already spent longer than a year in the UK.

 Students will be able to show that they meet maintenance requirements by relying on a wider range of accounts and will be able to rely on electronic bank statements.

 Students at higher education providers with a track record of compliance won’t routinely need to provide evidence of academic qualifications.

 Applicants will only need to prove their English language ability once.

 There will be no limit on the time that can be spent on postgraduate courses.

This is just a short summary and there is lots more detail to the new route. For more information on this or on any aspect of the immigration rules please email us on