Finally some concrete news for EU nationals

Last week’s Brexit negotiations have ended with  a statement from the Home Office which gives some comfort to EU nationals living in the UK. It confirms that any EU national living in the UK lawfully prior to 29th March 2019 will be able to carry on living here. So we now have the long- awaited “cut off point” for when an EU national must arrive here in order to know that he or she will be able to remain here.

The statement goes on to say that close family members will be able to join an EU national even after The UK has left the EU.

It confirms that the new “ settled status” will not be lost by leaving the UK for less than 5 years and that this status will be easy to apply for.

Those EU citizens who already hold a valid permanent residence card will not need to pay to convert their status in to the new “settled status.”

My advice remains that it is sensible to apply for confirmation of permanent residence if you are eligible  to do so. The Home Office continues to advise that it is not necessary! Confused? Please contact me for more information and for help with making an application.