Eligible graduates can, from 1st July 2021, apply to remain in the UK for a further two years ( three years if awarded a doctorate) after graduation and can undertake employment at any skill level.

They don’t need to be sponsored by an employer and they will not be required to prove any level of financial support or English language ability.

This is a really welcome development for employers and graduates though time spent on this immigration route will not lead to settlement. Switching in to skilled sponsored work will be permitted and doing so as soon as possible is sensible for those graduates hoping to settle in the UK.

Family members already in the UK as a student’s dependents can apply to be joined to an application but new family members cannot.

An application must be made from within the UK and will generally be made using an App.

The guidance below sets out more detail on who will be eligible for this route, and how to make an application.

The points-based immigration system: The Graduate immigration route (

For more information on this new route, or for assistance with making an application please contact us on