Extension of Registration Scheme Unlawful

The Supreme Court has recently decided that the extension of the registration scheme between 1st May 2009 and 30th April 2011 was unlawful. Under the scheme nationals of the 8 countries which joined the EU in 2004 were obliged to register as workers before they could start work or change jobs. It was a criminal offence for employers who employed an “ A8” national who had not registered ( with some defences.) Employers who were convicted during this period may wish to see if they can have their convictions overturned.

Applications for confirmation of permanent residence have in some cases been refused on the grounds that Applicants were not registered and that their time working in the UK prior to 30th April 2011 was “ unlawful” This has had a knock-on effect on applications for British Citizenship. If you have been affected by the extension of the scheme , now found to have been unlawful, please feel free to contact Jenny Harvey for advice.