No new entrepreneur visa applications after 29th March 2019

The Tier 1 ( entrepreneur ) visa will be replaced by a new “ Innovator “ visa though Tier 1 entrepreneurs will be apply to apply for extensions until 5thApril 2023 and settlement until 5th April 2025.

The new “ Innovator” category will be different from its predecessor in 3 main ways:

Firstly, anyone applying for such a visa will need to be endorsed by a “ trusted organisation” and to have ongoing contact with this organisation.

Secondly, they will need to speak English at a higher level- B2 rather than B1.

Thirdly, and a positive for many- they will need to invest £50000 in their business rather than £20000 as is currently the case.

Like the current rule for Tier 1 entrepreneurs, someone granted a visa as an “ innovator” will be expected to work full-time for their business.

For further information on the new” Innovator “ visa or any aspect of the immigration rules please contact Jenny Harvey on