The Immigration White paper, published by the Government on 19th December 2019, has perhaps attracted most media attention with its proposal that future skilled workers- to include those from the EU- will be expected to earn £30000 pa. This is  not set in stone and there will be a period of consultation. For a period of time lower skilled workers from some “ low risk “ countries will be permitted to work in the UK for a maximum of 12 months and must then leave for a “ cooling off period” of at least another 12 months. They will not be able to extend their stay , to settle here or even to bring dependants for the year that they are here.

It isn’t all bleak though and employers will no doubt be pleased by the proposal to abolish the annual cap on skilled workers who can come to the UK plus the abolition of the Resident Labour Market Test.


There is no doubt a lot of debate to be had and nothing is concrete as yet but if you do wish to discuss any issues raised in the paper please e mail us on info@jennyharveyimmigration.co.uk