Extension of Worker Registration Scheme Unlawful

The Worker Registration scheme applied to the 8 eastern European countries which joined the EU back in May 2004. Nationals of those countries who came to work in the UK were expected to register under the scheme and failure to do so meant that they were regarded as  living here unlawfully. The UK’s extension of the scheme beyond the initially proposed 5 year period has meant that workers failing to register between 2009 and 2011 have been regarded as being here unlawfully and have not been able to use those years towards the 5 years’ residence  needed to acquire permanent residence.


The Court of Appeal has this month confirmed that the extension of the scheme beyond  2009 was unlawful. Nationals of the “A8” countries will be able to include as lawful residence  their time here  from  May 2009, whether or not they registered under the scheme.


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