Positive news for EU migrants who become British citizens

The Court of European Justice has overturned the Home Office stance that EU migrants who become British can no longer be joined by family members under European law. This has been difficult for some of those who have acquired British nationality since arriving in the UK and who have wanted their non-EU spouse to join them.  Until the ruling on 14th November those British nationals would generally have to have met the usual income threshold of at least £18,600.

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Extension of Worker Registration Scheme Unlawful

The Worker Registration scheme applied to the 8 eastern European countries which joined the EU back in May 2004. Nationals of those countries who came to work in the UK were expected to register under the scheme and failure to do so meant that they were regarded as  living here unlawfully. The UK’s extension of the scheme beyond the initially proposed 5 year period has meant that workers failing to register between 2009 and 2011 have been regarded as being here unlawfully and have not been able to use those years towards the 5 years’ residence  needed to acquire permanent residence.


The Court of Appeal has this month confirmed that the extension of the scheme beyond  2009 was unlawful. Nationals of the “A8” countries will be able to include as lawful residence  their time here  from  May 2009, whether or not they registered under the scheme.


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Banks and Building Societies required to carry out immigration status checks

From today , banks and building societies are  required to close the current accounts of people “disqualified” from holding bank accounts because of their immigration status.

The Home Office will tell them who is “disqualified”.

Recent tests have shown  errors in the Home Office database and it’s likely that disruptive and costly mistakes will be made at the expense of people who are legally in the UK.

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Prime Minister’s message on Permanent Residence and the new “Settled Status” being proposed to replace it.

Teresa May has sent out a message in which she talks about the new “ Settled Status” proposed for EEA nationals and their family members post-Brexit.


She has confirmed that people applying for the new status will not need to list  each trip out of the UK. Importantly, applicants will no longer need to show that they hold comprehensive sickness insurance.


Those with Permanent Residence under current law will be able to use a “ simple process put in place to swap their current status for UK Settled Status.”


Nothing is yet set in stone but please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like help in applying for confirmation that you already have Permanent Residence in the UK.


New Guidance for People Needing help with Immigration and Asylum

The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority has been involved in publishing new guidance for members of the public looking for legal advice on immigration or asylum . It explains the difference between various types of lawyers and who regulates them , the importance of asking questions when choosing a lawyer and what can be expected of a good advisor.

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