This new visa route has replaced the former Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Route but with some key differences. It is aimed at people wanting to establish a business in the UK for the first time.

An Applicant will, as under the previous scheme, need to be endorsed but the endorsement will not necessarily need to be by their own university. The endorsing body will assess an Applicant’s business proposal and will look for “innovation, viability and credibility.” The endorsing body will need to contact the business at regular intervals.

Visas will generally last for 2 years and will not lead to settlement but it may be possible to switch after 2 years in to the new “Innovator” route and to settle after 3 years in that route. No money will need to be invested if switching from the Start-up route to the Innovator route.

We can advise on all  the requirements of this new visa category and can explain how these concepts of “innovation, viability and scalability” can be met.

We can check draft applications and supporting documents and can advise on how to switch in to the Innovator route after an initial 2 years.